Paparazzi Pictures - Bucharest, Romania

Paparazzi Agency

We are Paparazzi – we live and breath our world and love what we do. Some of the teams that work within Pappics have been photographing the Bucharest VIP set for over 10 years. We know our way around, every hotel where international stars stay the doormen, the drivers etc etc. It is ‘our back yard’ and so have an advantage over photographers arriving in Bucharest for the first time, not knowing the language or if Dracula really exists. we also do not need to charge you for a hotel room. If you would like to use Pappics paparazzi services for your own publication or international distribution, please contact If you have a story that requires a team of paparazzi to provide the photographic evidence to make your story worth selling, please get in contact

What ever your needs, we can cover your story for you and get it out to the world in real time, to who ever needs it. Or exclusively back to you. We want to work with our clients on a long term basis and want you come back and use us again and again. So give us a change to show you want we can do and try us. All you have to do is let us know when you need us to cover your event.