Paparazzi Pictures - Bucharest, Romania

Prince Harry

HUNGRY Harry sinks his teeth into a junk food feast in the heart of Count Dracula country. The prince popped into a service station to pick up crisps and a fizzy drink yesterday as he made his way back to the airport after a weekend with pals in Transylvania. Harry, 27, flew to Romania on budget airline Wizz Air. He stayed with family friend Count Tibor Kalnoky in his 16th Century manor house and he also made time to look in on properties owned by his dad Prince Charles and go motorbike riding in the snowy mountains. One local said: “The prince came here but he didn’t look like royalty. He looked like a commoner… just like me!”

Pappics Romania proudly caught Prince Harry on camera as “Prince Snack-ula”, as the Sun UK (publisher of the story) would entitle him.