Paparazzi Pictures - Bucharest, Romania

Got a story?

Since newspapers began, the best story’s, the headlines that changed the world, they all started with a tip.

If your out in Bamboo or holiday in Sharm El Sheik, you never know when you will see some Romanian VIP’s having fun or even better, getting up to some smecherie. Take a picture/video on your phone or just give us a call and tell us what you know. It could lead to a front page splash and you could be paid well for your story. It’s fun and you can impress your friends when you show them your front cover 🙂

If you are aware of something that should be on the front page, but are scared to do anything about it, it’s simple, don’t do anything; let us do it for you. All we need is the information that will lead us to the scandal that your believe needs exposing. We do the rest. Under Romanian law, journalists are allowed to protect their sources. It is part of any normal democratic constitution. We will never tell anyone the story came from you. Why would we? We want you to to come back and tell us another one 🙂

As a foreigner, I have been told many times that there were 3 million + secret police in Romania before 1989; and they kept their ‘eye’ on things. I have no idea if this is true, but I do know there are over 20 million of you Romanians out there. You know EVERYTHING that is going on. Are you happy about it? Want to do something about it instead of complaining to your deaf Bunica? Get in contact and let us see where we can help you.

Depending on what you have, depends on what we can pay you. A tip to say Pepe is in a cafe in Dorobance, is different from copies of documents that prove a huge scandal that will be of interest on an international scale.

If you would like to know if your picture story is newsworthy, or your want to do something about what you know, get in contact and lets go for a cup of tea.

If you have a good set of exclusive pictures or a story you want to sell, Pappics will get you the best deal and can syndicate your story around the world. We never reveal our sources and enjoy working with all sorts of people to get their story out there. We need you to make it all happen. So… what are you waiting for?