Paparazzi Pictures - Bucharest, Romania

Investigative Journalist

Pappics is currently looking for a journalist to work on major under cover stories in Romania that will be of interest to Romanian and International media.

No experience of working in journalism required (though it would help). No qualifications required. You do need to be able to write well in Romanian and English and have a good understanding of the VIP, Political and business scene in Romania.

Working on your own story ideas, under pressure and of course undercover, needs to be an exciting challenge to you and not seen as problem. Telephone and personal communication skills are essential for this role. You will have a burning desire to expose corruption at a high level and be able to put together strategies that will enable you and our team of photographers to prove the stories you are working on.

I am not interested in what degree in journalism you have. I am interested in how you can show me that you have the ability and passion to do the job.

If you feel strongly about the way things are in Romania and you want to do something about it, don’t complain to your friends; send an email to explaining why you are the right person for this job; or even better, call me on 0725 141 545.

A big part of the job is setting up meetings with busy people. So the easiest way of showing me you can do that is call me… and persuade me to meet you. Do it undercover and your well on your way to getting the job 🙂

I am not looking for someone who wants a job, I am looking for someone who wants to make a difference by being an investigative journalist.

When ever we advertise we get 100’s of standard CV’s not relevant to the position. Any CV not sent to the above email address, that does not explain why you are right for the job, will not be looked at.

Salary dependent on ability. Training and equipment provided.