Paparazzi Pictures - Bucharest, Romania

About Pappics

Pappics ( Paparazzi Pictures SRL) is the only Paparazzi agency in Romania. Duncan Ridgley set up the company in 2010 to cover the growing number of international stars coming to Romania for film work and live performances. Pappics works with picture agencies (see Pappics partners) and publications around the world. We work exclusively for Aderavul Holdings in Romania and provide all Paparazzi services to the group for all of its publications.

We currently have 9 full time photographers, and two editorial staff based in our office in Romana, and area in the center of Bucharest.

The team has worked together for over two years now and so have established a way of working that allows them to work well as individuals or all come together on the big story and work as one. All members of the team speak English and all editorial staff are fluent in English allowing you to easily communicate with them to organise what ever you need for your event or story when it happens in Romania.